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Alaska New Media Presents A Workshop In Production Design & Art Direction for Film, Commercials and Television


P.O. BOX 110163

Alaska New Media Presents
A Workshop In:

 Production Design & Art Direction
for Film, Commercials and Television

2-Day or 6-DAY
The  2-day workshop is an introduction to the processes, requirements, jobs and professions in the Art Department of feature films, commercials and TV shows. Attendees interested in more of an depth, hands-on training are encouraged to sign up for the full 6-day class offering where you create the "look" of a film project and learn the skills of a Production Designer.
Who Should Attend
Both workshops are for film and DV professionals, as well as non-film professionals in related fields who want to better understand the process of how films are designed, styled and created. Architects, landscape designers, construction professionals, artisans and craftsmen are welcome. Real estate agents, photographers, and graphic artists will find another outlet for their skill sets and artistic talents.

Course Description

The course covers the basics of the production design process as it relates to major studio productions, commercials and low-budget independent media projects.

Through the study of selected films, we see how art direction, sets, color, tone and texture and props create mood and impact set design, storytelling and production values.

We examine the relationship between the production designer, art director, set decorator, prop master, and visual effects designer with the director, director of photography (DP) and producer.

We cover the process of how a script is visualized, planned, and a "look" realized. We cover the process, paper work, and schedule by which all media projects are developed during pre-production.

You and your team will analyze a script, do a breakdown of scene(s), map out the action, and design the sets and locations to tell a story.

As you research period styles, create sketches, collect photos of exteriors and/or interior spaces, you will also scout location options and produce a viable construction budget. 

The course will also survey set design techniques, construction methods, model making (miniature and 'big'- atures) and generate guidelines for planning special effects (SFX).

The general requirements for camera movement, lighting aspects, sound recording, weather related issues and solar paths are stressed as designers and the art department crew members work to create a series of effective sets in service of the 'story' in a space where the actors and crew can work.

The Goals of The Workshops
By the end of the 2-day or completion of the full 6-day course you will have a greater understanding of the demands of the Art Department. As you gain more familiarity with each role within the department, you will learn to assess a position that not only suits your temperament but also makes use of your knowledge, creativity, experience and people-skills as you work on a variety of media projects.

What You Leave With
Those who complete the 6-day course will have created a working production notebook, containing your notes, photos, sketches and layouts, together with a copy of marked-up script and related budgets. It will be this on-going, working portfolio that will land you your next job as a member of the Art Department.
* Alaskan Resident Career Grant
Alaskan residents may qualify for a full tuition grant that may also include transportation to Anchorage. More information and applications are on our website:  
 Lawrence Kim
Lawrence Kim is an award winningAdd a description Production Designer & Art Director who works in LA on feature films, television series, commercials, shorts and interactive games. With a background  and degrees in architecture and design, & an MFA degree in Production Design from AFI, his work has won numerous awards including the Award for Excellence in Art Direction, a Technical Award for Art Direction, as well as a Jury Award for Best Art Direction in WORTH (2008). His production design efforts for MISDIRECTION (2011) gained industry attention with a College Television Award (CTA) from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (aka the 'Student Emmy'). Lawrence has taught architecture and design the US, Korean, Argentina and Europe.



Piksik, LLC
Workshop Details
Length: 2-Day Course 
Dates: Jan. 25th & 26th (Weekend)
Length: 6-Day Course (Weekend plus 4 weekdays)
Dates: Jan. 25th- 30th


2-day weekend course: $375*.
Includes breakfasts, lunches and dinner. 


6-day course: $975*.
Includes weekend meals.
Additional meals during the week: $175 


Instructor: Lawrence Kim.
Location: Anchorage Film Studios
7941 Sandlewood Place,  

Anchorage, Alaska 


* Alaskan Residents may qualify for Full tuition reimbursement. Details on line.


?'s or to learn more visit our website: www.AlaskaNewMedia.org


About Alaska New Media Training Center 

Welcome, to the Alaska New Media Center . . . . 

An education, training and professional career advancement center for the Alaskan media community.
The Alaska New Media Training Center, in conjunction with Alaska Crew Training, is developing an extensive training programs for media artists, technicians, craftspeople and content creators. Dozens of weekendcourses and week-long workshops, both on-site and on-line have been designed to prepare Alaskans and others for jobs and career opportunities in the "Creative Economy." These courses are available in specific career areas in film and video production, directing, writing, acting, producing and photography, along withthe technical support roles in the growing media industry in Alaska.

To learn more visit our website: www.AlaskaNewMedia.org

Alaska New Media 
P.O. Box 110163 
Anchorage, Alaska 99511 


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