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Weekly Coal Production Report: December 28, 2012


The Weekly Coal Production Report has been updated for the week ended

December 22, 2012.   

For the week ended December 22:

•    U.S. coal production totaled approximately 18.9 million short tons (mmst)

•    This production estimate is 4.3 percent lower than last week's estimate and

     8.6 percent lower than the production estimate in the comparable week in 2011

•    Coal production east of the Mississippi River totaled about 8.6 mmst

•    Coal production west of the Mississippi River totaled about 10.3 mmst

•    U.S. year-to-date coal production totaled 999.2 mmst, 6.7 percent lower than the

     comparable year-to-date coal production in 2011

•    As of week ending December 15, third quarter 2012 production estimates have been revised

     to match actual third quarter 2012 Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) production.

     These revised values can be found under the "Revisons/Archives" section, and are also

     included in any year to date totals and 52 weeks ended totals in the "Current Weekly

     Estimates" and "Current Monthly Estimates" data tables. The "1st week in 2002- current week"

     and "1st week in 2002- current month" original estimates spreadsheets are not revised.

•    For the weeks ending 12/22 and 12/29, estimates will be released on the following Friday

     instead of Thursday to account for possible delays due to holidays.  

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