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New book on Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend - writings by Jay Hammond


Todd Moss, a senior fellow and vice president of programs at the Center for Global Development, recently came out with a book about the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

Todd is an admirer of former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond’s program – and Todd turned the Alaskan idea into one that could be used across the world. We calls it “oil-to-cash.”

Oil-to-cash is an extrapolation of Governor Hammond’s original idea: a portion of state revenue from natural resources (like oil) would be directly distributed to residents of the state. The residents would then pay back some of that money in taxes and then the state would use those taxes to provide public goods and services (road, infrastructure, schools, etc.) It’s the basis, as Todd notes, of the social contract and the practice can be used to prevent things like bad governance, corruption, and poverty that sometime accompany a sudden resource-produced influx in wealth.

The new book, The Governor’s Solution, features original writings by Jay Hammond (that Todd acquired through the governor’s estate) as well as new essays by Todd, CGD president Nancy Birdsall, and other scholars on how the Alaskan idea can be used in other countries.

Todd Moss explains exactly how the idea can be applied using play figures, green jelly beans, and plastic boxes. It’s actually quite fun! http://www.cgdev.org/content/publications/detail/1426542/

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