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Game Management Unit 17A Moose Hunt Opens


Dillingham – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge are announcing a 14-day winter season for residents to hunt moose in Game Management Unit 17A. The registration hunt will open on December 18, 2012 and close Dec 31, 2012. The bag limit is one antlered bull moose by registration permit only.

Permits will be available at the Dillingham ADF&G office and Togiak Traditional Council office. Permits are available only to hunters who have not killed a moose during the current regulatory year. Successful hunters are required to report to the Dillingham ADF&G office (ph 907-842-2334), or the Togiak Traditional Council (ph 907-493-5003) within 24 hours of killing a moose, All hunters must return the permit hunt report card. All other moose hunting regulations in the remainder of Unit 17 are not affected by this emergency order.

The Alaska Board of Game and Federal Subsistence Board authorized a winter moose hunting season of up to 14 days for antlered bulls only in Unit 17A. This period is set when weather and snow conditions are expected to be adequate to allow hunters to access hunting areas. Aerial surveys during March 2011 indicated a population of at least 1,166 moose in Unit 17A. High productivity and moose calf survival since then provides information to indicate that moose numbers in Unit 17A are believed to be sufficient to conduct this 14-day, bulls only hunt.
Hunters are reminded that a current State of Alaska hunting license and the registration hunting permit are required. For additional information contact:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Dillingham, ph. 907-842-2334, or
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, ph. 907-842-1063

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