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State Reminds Hunters Not to Shoot Deer from Boats


With snow becoming deep throughout much of northern Southeast Alaska and deer moving to beaches in search of reprieve, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game would like to remind hunters of the regulation prohibiting the shooting of deer or other big game from boats.

• Shooting big game from a boat is strictly prohibited under state and federal regulations throughout Southeast Alaska, unless hunters have been issued a disabled hunter permit that allows the hunter to shoot from a boat.

• Hunters may beach their boat, step out and shoot from land.

• Hunters must know their targets and what’s beyond them.

When shooting deer on beaches, it’s important to ensure that people aren’t in the woods adjacent to beaches, where they may be vulnerable to stray bullets.

The state deer season is open until December 31 with a bag limit of up to 4 deer in most of northern Southeast, Alaska. The harvest of doe deer is prohibited in the Chichagof Island Controlled Use area. Hunters should review the current hunting regulations for seasons and bag limits for specific areas.

For more information on the state deer hunting season and bag limits please contact Ryan Scott by phone at 465-4359 or email at ryan.scott@alaska.gov. Report hunting violations to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers at 465-4000.

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