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Rep. Young Votes to Pass Defense Authorization, Fund Military


Washington D.C., Dec 14 - With Alaska Congressman Don Young’s support, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA). This legislation authorized $554 billion for the Department of Defense (DOD) and $11.1 billion for national security programs at the Department of Energy (DOE) for FY 2012. These figures are a significant cut from the original House-passed version in order to comply with the Budget Control Act’s requirement to cut Defense spending by about $465 billion over ten years. Additionally, H.R. 1540 provides for a 1.6% pay increase for soldiers. The bill passed the House by a vote of 283-136.

“Even though we are starting to see troops leave the battlefield, it is imperative we not forget about the troops that are still defending our freedoms around the world,” said Rep. Young. “Not only does this bill provide our troops with the support they need, but H.R. 1540 also ensures Alaska’s bases receive the resources they need to continue to serve as the backbone of this nation’s military. 
“As someone who has consistently opposed the Patriot Act and is skeptical of government intrusion into our lives, I am confident that this bill does not contain any new provisions that would make it easier to detain U.S. citizens. In fact, H.R. 1540 actually exempts U.S. citizens from such any such provision. This is a balanced bill that ensures our men and women in uniform have everything they need to carry out their mission and I look forward to the President signing it into law.”
Provisions in H.R. 1540 that will benefit Alaska include:
  • Land exchange provision between the Municipality of Anchorage, Eklutna Corp., and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. 
  • $114,000,000 for Fort Wainwright including $57 million for the Fort Wainwright Aviation Complex.
  • $103,600,000 for Joint Base Elmendorf- Richardson for the Army including the full $26 million they requested for their Physical Fitness Facility.
  • $97,000,000 for Joint Base Elmendorf- Richardson for the Air Force.
  • $45,000,000 for Eielson Air Force Base including the full $45 million they requested for their dormitory as well as $14.8 million for an upgrade to their rail line.
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