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RF Minister of Agriculture: WTO Membership Opens New Opportunities for US-Russia Cooperation


WASHINGTON, Dec. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Russia's WTO accession opens new opportunities for expansion of US-Russia cooperation, Russian minister of agriculture Yelena Skrynnik said on Monday, Dec. 12.

"Certainly, the fact that Russia will soon join the WTO opens up new opportunities for investment and trade," - she stated in a written address welcoming participants of the Agribusiness Forum in Omaha, Nebraska. The event was organized by U.S. Russia Business Council (USRBC), a private U.S. NGO, promoting business ties between the two countries.

In her address, Minister Skrynnik noted that the United States is one of the leading agriculture partners of Russia, and that specific business proposals from America bringing much-needed investment, modern, "green" and efficient technologies to the agriculture sector in Russia will be put on "fast-track" and receive support from the government.

"A practical outcome of this partnership is exemplified by the arrival of leading American manufacturers such as PepsiCo, John Deere and Cargill to the Russian agriculture market. The fact that these companies seek to expand their business in Russia serves as evidence that the industry's investment climate is becoming more attractive." – said Yelena Skrynnik.

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has adopted a steep course on integrating much-needed innovative, eco-friendly, high-efficiency technologies into the sector throughout the year of 2020. The expected membership of Russia in the WTO should foster trade and investment opportunities in the Russian agriculture sector. 

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