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Payroll Tax Break: Let’s Get It Done Without a Job-Crushing Tax Hike


Back in September, after President Obama unveiled his jobs plan to Congress, Republicans outlined potential areas of common ground where both parties could work together to create a better environment for private-sector job growth. On the list: extending the payroll tax break for workers. Read the full memo here.

Republicans are willing to work with the president to extend the payroll tax break so struggling workers aren’t hit with a sudden tax hike -- the question is: how do we pay for it?

The White House is signaling the president might back away from his promise to ensure every penny of his jobs plan is paid for. And Senate Democrats have proposed a job-crushing tax hike on small businesses. After a failed ‘stimulus’ spending binge that’s left us with fewer jobs and more debt, neither of these options is acceptable.

We can't get our economy moving again and create jobs without dealing with Washington’s out-of-control spending.Both parties need to work together to extend this tax break in a way that doesn’t hurt job growth or add more to our country's crippling deficit.

And while Republicans and Democrats work together on this issue, President Obama should call for an immediate vote on the more than 20 bipartisan House-passed jobs stuck in the Democratic-controlled Senate.Click here for a full list of these bills, and visit jobs.GOP.gov for more information on the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators.

Posted by Press Office on November 30, 2011, John Boehner - 8th District of Ohio

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