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Non-Cash Ways to Donate to Charity This Holiday Season

Dream Foundation in need of odd or unused airline miles to make travel-related final dreams come true. Continental miles accepted.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--()--Dream Foundation, the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults in the end stages of life, is offering non-monetary ways to help those in need this holiday season. The 4-Star Charity Navigator-rated organization fulfills nearly 2,000 final dreams each year. Thirty percent - representing approximately 1,000 airline tickets for dream recipients and/or their loved ones - involved travel, including urgent bedside goodbyes, family reunions and final trips with children.

“We understand how important miles are to one’s own travel needs”

Dream Foundation enjoys charity miles programs with Alaska, Continental, Delta, and United. Mile donations - in any amount - can be made by logging on to www.dreamfoundation.org/donate. Whether it’s a donation of ten miles, 200, or 10,000, they all get banked for Dream Foundation’s dream services, and are essential to day-to-day operations. (Once the merger is finalized between Continental and United, the organization will be able to convert Continental miles to United miles.)

“We understand how important miles are to one’s own travel needs,” says Dream Foundation Founder and President, Thomas Rollerson. “Yet if each person donated just 100 miles, collectively, it would go a long, long way for the families we serve.”

Rollerson adds the holiday timing is important. “As our dream recipients prepare for their final holidays, the need for meaningful moments is real. Of any time of year, this is the one where we get the most travel requests. Many are seeking help in spending special moments with family and celebrating their favorite traditions one more time,” says Rollerson.

About Dream Foundation

Founded in 1994, the mission of Dream Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their families battling life-threatening illness. Dream recipients are 18 years and older and have been given a limited prognosis of a year or less. Dreams range from basic need items, like a comfortable chair or working water heater to family vacations with children. With more than 2,000 anticipated dream requests for 2011, Dream Foundation relies on donations of cash, airline miles and other resources to make dreams come true. Dream Foundation maintains a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator. For more information visit www.dreamfoundation.org or call (805) 564-2131.


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