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New Year’s Eve Weekend Reminder: Fireworks and Pets Don’t Mix


As we approach the holiday weekend, please remember that New Year’s Eve celebrations
can be a potentially dangerous and frightening time for pets. This year, fireworks will be
allowed, with some restrictions, in the Municipality from 9:30 p.m. on December 31 until 1:00 a.m.
on January 1st. Also, many people travel with their pets to see family and enjoy the holiday.

Help ensure the health and safety of your pet by following these tips:

• Keep your pet in a SECURE and quiet setting, like your home (make sure all windows
and doors are closed);
• Turning on a television or radio can mask the noise of fireworks, helping keep your pet
• Be certain your pet has a current MOA dog license, a current identification tag, and
its rabies tag securely fastened to its collar;
• In the unfortunate event that your pet does escape, check with the Anchorage
Animal Care and Control Center ASAP; and
• While the Center can be reached by phone at 343-8122, it is always best to come in
person to look for your dog every 2-3 days, as no one can identify your animal better
than you.

Please direct further questions to Anchorage Animal Care and Control at 343-8122 or access
information on our website, www.muni.org/animal.

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