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Kodiak Crab for Conservation Back for the Second Year


The Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) is once again offering delicious Kodiak Tanner crab harvested by small-boat, conservation minded fishermen to residents of the Anchorage area through its Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

“Our CSF known as CATCH of the SEASON is once again providing a unique opportunity for residents of Anchorage to purchase crab through our program that aims to empower traditional fishing communities and engage supporters of marine conservation through a product they can taste and connect to,” said AMCC Executive Director, Kelly Harrell.

CATCH of the SEASON connects subscribers to AMCC’s network of independent family fishermen committed to stewardship of the marine resources they depend on. Through this second crab shipment, consumers can purchase 10 or 25 lb boxes of Tanner crab. Also marketed as snow crab, Tanner crab is known for its sweet and rich flavor.

“The Tanner crab fishery is extremely important to the diverse fishing portfolio of Kodiak’s small-boat fishermen,” said Kodiak Outreach Coordinator, Theresa Peterson. Peterson is also an active fisherwoman whose family depends on access to a variety of fisheries including crab, salmon, cod and halibut to make a living.

Seafood deliveries will include “the story of your catch,” a guide to share with family and friends. It tells the who, what, when, where and how of your catch as well as what AMCC is doing to protect the fishery for generations to come. There's even a favorite recipe from the fishermen. CATCH of the SEASON wild seafood is harvested using selective fishing practices that minimize waste and impacts on sensitive marine habitats. The highest standards of onboard handling methods are utilized by our fishermen to ensure a superior product.

Orders must be placed by Friday, January 13th and picked up in Anchorage the following week after the crab is caught. Crab cannot be shipped. The prices are $150 for a 10 lb box or $350 for a 25 lb box of frozen leg clusters. Local restaurants are also being encouraged to participate in the program and are provided a cost discount for larger volumes.

For more information on the program visit www.akmarine.org

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