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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (#1)


Kodiak, uncut! (#3)

Call me crazy. But I love Christmas in Alaska. The snow. The chill. The Alpenglow. It's part of our "Big Wild Life" and all that. Our adventures in the winter take on a completely different complexion (duh.). That's NOT to diminish the allure of the beach in Maui. Oh NO NO NO. But here at Chez McMurren, we've got the tree up (after several heated discussions…HA). There's choir practice coming up for Christmas Eve for our Gospel Groove group. We're trading cookies and pies with family and loved ones. It's a wonderful time of year. 
Every community, of course, has its special events and traditions. I was on the phone earlier today with Marion Owen, one of my dear friends from Kodiak. Check out her report. 
Well, I guess you have about three hours to scoop up Alaska's latest web specials from this week's "Club49". I've detailed the offers HERE. Great bargains for folks headed to Chicago
Oh, are you listening to our radio show? We gave away some GREAT prizes last Tuesday. And co-host Erin Kirkland is warming up for a EPIC show next Tuesday. She's ousted me from the Captain's Chair. She and musical guest  Marian Call are taking over the studio to…you'll love this….give stuff away. THE NERVE. Tune in. Erin and Marian…they are a riot!! 
Are you a smart shopper? A deal lover? A coupon clipper? Well, the Great Alaskan TourSaver was made for you. Of course, I publish it…so I'm always talking about the GREAT deals therein. But wait! There's MORE! Order now and get FREE SHIPPING (U.S. addresses) between now and Dec. 24, 2011. Luvin' it.
Don't miss the AWESOME vacation roundup from USTravel. I love my travel agent. She's really wonderful. A cruise? No problem. A car rental? Piece of cake. Bargain air ticket? She's there for me. Check out the deals. Then, call Kelly Jo, Rhonda, or one of the folks in Anchorage. Or call them in Fairbanks, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Ketchikan…they're all over. 
Do you love your phone? I do. GCI's phones are smart. They're fast. They're svelte. Heavens…what more do you want. Oh…cheap? Well, check it out…they're running some great specials. RIGHT now. 
3…2…1…let's roll:
1. Visit Anchorage: it's our Big Wild Life. I cannot HELP but evangelize our wonderful Winter City life here in Anchorage. Click through for the 4-1-1. 
2. It's a Vacation Roundup from USTravel. One if by land, two if by sea. Three or more if by air, land and sea. HA. Click through for the latest deals! 
3. Kodiak! Uncut. HA. My friend Marion Owen is making jam in Kodiak. Click through for a little Christmas spirit from the island…plus recipe! 
4. Heavens! GCI is really excited about all their special deals. And they're giving away a bunch of prizes. Check 'em out. 
5. Chicago--my kind of AlaskaAir.com town. OMG. Click through to save. Clock is ticking!
6. KOAN Really, folks. The radio show is fun, fun, fun. We gave away a bunch of prizes last Tuesday. Listen up for the down-low on our friends at Rust's Flying Service and K2 Aviation. They run flightseeing tours year-round! 
7. The best things in life are free. In this case, that would be SHIPPING for the Great Alaskan TourSaver. You remember--it's the awesome 2-for-1 travel book for Alaska. All the best stuff is in there. And EVERYTHING is 2-for-1. Buy. Now. Save. Free. Shipping! 

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