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It Takes a Village to Feed a Herd


Community Partners Chip in to Assist With Wood Bison Reintroduction Program

At the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, one hundred and ten wood bison patiently reside waiting their release into the wild. Forty five of these bison are bred cows. All these animals consume literally tons of feed during the long months of winter. To keep this enormous herd fed it takes a group effort.

Carlile Transportation Systems annually hauls all the hay needed for the Wood Bison Project. This hay comes from the UAF Research Farm in Palmer. Both Carlile and UAF have been great partners in this reintroduction effort. In December UAF donated three grain silos.

Carlile Transportation Systems donated the transportation of these three huge silos to the wildlife facility in Portage. 1,600 bushels of Delta Junction oats are stored in these silos supplementing the bison’s diet throughout the winter. Forty calves are expected next spring. The first release of wood bison into the wild is expected to be in April of 2013.

Alaska’s Wood Bison Reintroduction Project is said to be America’s greatest contribution to Wildlife Conservation of this century.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 501 c 3 corporation dedicated to conserving Alaska’s Wildlife through education, and quality animal care. Find them online at www.alaskawildlife.org

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