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Bean’s Café new Kaladi Brothers Coffee Blend


ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Bean’s Café is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kaladi Brothers Coffee. Now on sale is a special Kaladi Brothers Bean’s Café Blend coffee. This unique blend of coffee is made from 60% Rwandan and 40% Peruvian fair trade, organic beans.

At Bean’s Café we serve to our clients over 80 pounds of coffee every day. Having a hot beverage in hand can transform you to another place, which helps on snowy, cold days. By selling our own coffee blend we can help offset the cost of this necessary expense.

Kaladi Brothers Bean’s Café Blend is available for sale today at all Kaladi Brothers stores or you can purchase directly from Bean’s Café. One pound bags of fresh coffee are sold for $15 each and a portion of all sales go to support the mission of Bean’s Café to feed and shelter the needy in Anchorage.

For more information please visit the Bean’s Café website at www.beanscafe.org or call 297-5604.

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