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BOEM Will Hold Public Hearing in Anchorage on Proposed Oil and Gas Leasing Program

ANCHORAGE — The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will hold a public hearing in Anchorage on Dec. 9, 2011, to provide an opportunity to comment on the Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program for 2012 – 2017. This is one in a series of 13 public hearings.

A leasing program consists of a schedule of oil and gas lease sales (auctions) indicating the size, timing and location of proposed leasing activity for the five-year period following its approval by the Secretary of the Interior.

The proposed program includes six offshore areas where there are currently active leases and exploration, and where there is known or anticipated hydrocarbon potential. It schedules 15 potential lease sales for the 2012 – 2017 period —12 in the Gulf of Mexico and three off the coast of Alaska.

What:            The public is invited to comment during a public hearing on the Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for the 2012 – 2017 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

Who:              BOEM Alaska Region Director Dr. James Kendall

When:            Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where:         Anchorage Assembly Chambers, Loussac Library, 3600 Denali St, Anchorage, Alaska

The complete schedule of public hearings is available at: http://www.boem.gov/5-Year/2012-2017/PEIS/draft_hearings.aspx.

For more information on the proposed program, go to: www.boem.gov/5-year/2012-2017.


Dec 9, 2011 10:06 am
 Posted by  ManageResources

I vote in support of this program. The 2012-2017 leasing project for the Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

We hear concerns of drilling for oil Impacts the cycle of the animals in the area. I disagree..Each winter season, I work in Prudhoe Bay..

Prudhoe Bay has plenty of musk oxen, caribou, some brown bears and a variety of birds that do not appear to be affected by the developement of the various oil exploration pads. They seem to be thriving...with this in mind, the wild life in other oil exploration areas, should thrive as well...

Continued oil exploration helps our local businesses, and population, as well as our economy...

Oil is used in many products we use all the time. Heating fuel, fuel for our vehicles, and equipment..

Exploring and Developing our natural resources decreases our need for foreign oil..

If we do not manage our natural resources. or replenish them, unemployment will rise...

One point brought to the public meetings Ive attended recently, is that, for every barrel of oil we cant get from our resources in America, has to be replaced by Foreign Oil...

Purchasing Foreign Oil, is very expensive.

On the lighter side, a small point. If I have a loaf of bread in my house, I would not go to the neighbors house asking for a loaf of bread.

I thank you for considering these points..

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