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ADOT&PF Warns Businesses of Commercial Scale Repair Scam


(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) — The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF), Division of Measurement Standards and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (MSCVE) is alerting businesses using commercial scales of a Scale Repair Scam that surfaced recently in the state.

Scale repair companies are contacting scale owners and informing them that MSCVE requires maintenance of all scales prior to annual state inspection. After the scale owners agree to the maintenance, the repair company presents scale owners with a list of necessary parts and repairs, and charges exorbitant fees. Often, if the bill is challenged, the scale repair company will leave the scale inoperable.

  • MSCVE does not require annual maintenance on scales as long as the scales meet MSCVE inspection criteria and perform to acceptable accuracy standards.
  • MSCVE does not recognize any scale repair company as an authorized repair agent for MSCVE.

If you or your company has been a victim of this Scale Repair Scam, please contact MSCVE with details of the event to help with the continuing investigation.

Dan Breeden, Director, MSCVE907-365-1211, Dan.Breeden@Alaska.gov

ADOT&PF oversees 254 airports, 11 ferries serving 33 communities, 5,700 miles of highway and 660 public facilities throughout the state of Alaska. The mission of ADOT&PF is to “Get Alaska Moving through service and infrastructure.”

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