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Salazar Holds Forum to Examine Best Practices for Hydraulic Fracturing in Oil and Natural Gas Production



Transcript Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar hosted a forum on hydraulic fracturing, to examine best practices to ensure

that natural gas on public lands is developed in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Fracking is a process where operators inject fluid under high pressure to create or enlarge fractures

and then pump a "propping agent" into the well to keep the fractures from closing

when operators release the pressure, allowing more natural gas to be extracted.

Secretary Salazar:
You know the issue of fracking has become a hot and very difficult issue across the country

and not only on public lands but on private lands as well.

And there are those who would say 'that there ought not to be any fracking at all'

but those of you who are here from the industry know that with all the technological advances

that have been made over the last several decades, there is a lot more opportunity for natural gas

frankly because of the fact that fracking is being used.

So the question really in my mind is how we move forward in a way that can reassure the American public

that what we are doing is in fact safe and is in fact protective of the environment.

Carol Browner, Assistant to the President for Energy & Climate Change

emphasized the President's commitment to develop natural gas as part of America's clean energy portfolio.

Carol Browner:
Now in congress obviously things are going to be different, we're going to face a new congress.

But I want to just make sure that everyone understands, as the President said a few weeks ago,

"that doesn't mean that we won't continue to work in a bi-partisan manner to reach across the aisle to find areas where we can achieve agreement,"

and we believe, and the President said this in his press conference that natural gas is one of those areas.

That there is broad support for increased domestic production and that we should be able to achieve that goal

by working in a bi-partisan manner with the new members of congress,

with the old members of congress and with all of you."

The first panel discussion at the forum focused on the current practice of hydraulic fracturing on BLM land and its potential impacts,

while the second panel discussed regulatory considerations associated with hydraulic fracturing on BLM land.

A transcript of the forum can be found at http://go.usa.gov/1z4.
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