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Joe Miller Tell Begich to Get Back to Work


Fairbanks, Alaska. December 6, 2010 -- Recently, Mark Begich issued a statement asking Joe Miller to drop his legal challenge to the election ballot issues. In response, Joe Miller said Begich should "get back to work and stop wasting time in D.C."

Joe Miller explained that Begich fails to understand either the legal issues or the reasons why the challenge has been made. Miller stated, "What is vital is that the people of Alaska can trust the election process. The Miller campaign has stated repeatedly, all we want is for all the votes to be counted in accordance with Alaska Statutes."

Contrary to Begich's assertion, personal ambition has nothing to do with the legal issues, and such a statement reflects a serious misunderstanding if not a complete ignorance about the election process and the issues involved. I think Begich would better serve Alaska by working on a budget that does not bankrupt our country instead of fiddling away while Rome burns," said Miller.  

Campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto added, "It should be of great concern that Mark Begich, who is so aligned with President Obama's failed Big Government policies, feels so anxious to make sure Lisa Murkowski stands by his side in the Senate." 
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