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Copper Economics



Pebble Partnership News www.pebblepartnership.com

CA+solar+panels.pngConsumption Conundrum

Yale University authors Oswald J. Schmitzt and Thomas E. Graedel pose interesting questions as to the need for minerals in today's technically dependent society. 

Understanding the world's connection to technology and its dependency on minerals, such as copper is a dialogue often overlooked.  Read more...

Sustainable Communities

The Pebble Fund has awarded a selection of grants as part of its fall review cycle.  The Pebble Fund, established by the Pebble Partnership, is a five year, $5 million program committed to providing financial assistance toward projects in Southwest Alaska that help to build sustainable communities.

The Pebble Fund is administered by the Alaska Community Foundation.  Sustainable projects outlined as part of the Pebble Fund application process are reviewed by a board of directors independent of the Pebble Partnership.  Read more...

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