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Caught Again.... 28 December 2010 7:35am We Identified This Similar Departure From Truth


"Miss a day and miss a lot."

Northern Gas Pipelines is your public service, objective, unbiased 1-stop-shop DAVE%20HARBOUR%20INFORMAL%20PORTRAIT%20-%20CROP.JPGfor Arctic gas pipeline history, projects and people, informal and rich with new information, updated daily. Here is the most timely and complete gas pipeline news collection anywhere. Northern Gas Pipelines might be the FIRST Alaska blog.  Does anyone know of an older one (pre-2001)?  -dh 

Caught Again.... 28 December 2010 7:35am

We Identified This Similar Departure From Truth

Comment: Meanwhile...without new oil supplies from Arctic frontier areas controlled by the Feds, Alaska's oil pipeline future is jeapordized along with prospects for the North Slope gas pipeline whose economics are closely related to new gas discoveries and the sustainability of the oil pipeline.  -dh

Houston Chronicle (12/28) reports, "When federal officials lifted the ban on deep-water drilling in early October, Houston-based Michael%20Bromwich%20-CU-R-%20by%20Dave%20Harbour%20-%208-27-10%20139%208-26-2010%2011-00-44.jpgATP Oil & Gas was ready to roll. The small production company was finishingKen%20Salazar%20-CU-Left-%20by%20Dave%20Harbour%20-%209-3-10%20048.jpg up work on a well that tied into its Telemark production hub about 100 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River. It had filed a permit to drill a sidetrack off an existing well - a relatively low-risk proposal for the world of deep-water drilling. It was even revised and updated to meet all of the new requirements imposed on deep- water permits in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon accident. "So I kept the crew out there because I felt certain the government meant what it said," ATP Chairman and CEO Paul Bulmahn said - that permit applications that met the new guidelines would be granted. More than 70 days later, the company is still waiting. At a price of about $330,000 per day, Bulmahn has started to get impatient, leading him to take some actions unusual for the company. He wrote a personal letter to President Barack Obama - copied to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (NGP Photo-r) and Michael Bromwich (NGP Photo-l), director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement - pleading with him to "Please issue a permit so we can go back to work." And on Sunday he ran the letter as an advertisement in the Chronicle. "I can't afford to keep these workers employed and playing cards," Bulmahn said.

Alaska's Friend, Bud Greenspan, Passes.... 27 December 2010 5:04am

Bud%20Greenspan%20Died%2012-25-10.jpg(Personal note: We thank the Los Angeles Times and Mike Kupper for bringing us news of Bud Greenspan {Photo}.  Here's a great AP story by sportswriter, Jim Litke.    

Sometimes we take a personal privilege prerogative, here, and note the passing of dear friends.  One such friend is Bud Greenspan who became a steady friend of Alaska and this writer as our Anchorage Organizing Committee fought to become a venue for the Winter Olympics twenty years ago.  RickRick%20Mystrom%20by%20Dave%20Harbour%20-%209-17-10%20043%20%283%29.jpg Mystrom (NGP Photo-r), Anchorage's former Mayor, and advertising executive Rick Nerland led Anchorage's effort.  I served on the AOC Board and was the volunteer 'Television Commissioner'.  My role was to develop relationships with the potential network sponsors of Anchorage's effort.  All along the way, Bud gave gentle, valuable and consistent counsel and support.  He and his dear associate, Nancy Beffa, were also great fun to be around.  Aside from being pleasant, they were both so committed to documenting the Olympic Spirit that one always felt blessed to be in their presence, whether it was a coffee shop in Luzon, a laundrymat in Calgary or in their busy New York office, crowded and filled as it always was with films, magazines, books and correspondence.  Once, when I had the honor of serving as interim publisher of Alaska Business Monthly, Bud agreed to write and editorial comment which I value to this day and will link here later.  Be well, Nancy.  Farewell, Bud.  See you soon.  -dh)

Los Angeles Times by Mike Kupper.  Bud Greenspan, award-winning filmmaker, writer, character and, arguably, the world's No. 1 fan of the Olympics, has died. He was 84.  (Click below for more....)

Remembering Bill Tobin and The Anchorage Times At Christmas 26 December 2010 4:24am


On Christmas, we remembered how our friend, Bill Tobin (NGP Photo), used to include this Christmas Tree every year on the Anchorage Times editorial page.  We appreciate the editors of the the Anchorage Daily Planet for carrying on the tradition and reprint Bill's Christmas Tree below as a tribute to our great Alaska predecessors and as a commitment to honor and propogate their pioneering spirit.

Editor's note: Each Christmas over the years, veteran Alaska newsman Bill Tobin offered his own Christmas tree to readers. In his memory, we offer it today:

All I Wanted For Christmas.... 25 December 2010 8:29pm

...see last year's editorial and the one we offered in 2001.  Still valid?  You be the judge.

Merry Christmas.  -dh

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