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BOEMRE Invites Christmas Comments On Arctic Exploration

Consider today's facts:

1.  Alaska's General Fund is nearly 90% dependent on Arctic oil production.
2.  Alaska's economy is more than 1/3 dependent on Arctic oil production.
3.  Alaska's Arctic oil production is down from its peak by 2/3.
4.  Alaska's oil pipeline could cease operations in a few years--crashing the economy.
5.  Billions of barrels of new Arctic oil supplies would sustain Alaska's economy.
6.  New Arctic oil supplies would support America's economic recovery and national security.
7.  Billions of barrels of oil await exploration in ANWR, NPR-A and the Alaska OCS.
8.  Federal agencies have delayed or blocked access to this life-saving energy storehouse.
9.  Federal action is imperiling Alaska's economy and America's future.
10.  The Federal government is asking for your opinion about Arctic energy by December 23.
11.  Anti-energy groups will flood the Feds with demands to close down Arctic projects.
12.  Your comment is critical to balancing the record.
13.  Follow this connection to directions on how you can comment.
14.  Your comment will assist in enabling energy production, rejuvinating the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline, sustaining Alaska's economy, supporting repair of the Nation's economy, shift high-paying energy jobs from foreign conuntries to America, improve America's balance of payments deficit, support our national defence, improve the world's environment.

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