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Alaska's Future At Stake This Christmas


Northern Gas Pipelines While we rejoice with our Canadian friends that the Mackenzie project has new life, we worry about the life of our own Trans Alaska Pipeline System!

Last week we alerted Legislators and our other NGP readers to a threat that the Feds may not approve a 2011 Beaufort Sea exploration program.  One Senator-elect and a few citizens responded and wrote letters to the BOEMRE.

In our email, we encouraged all Alaska Legislators to weigh in with all our readers.  After all, if Alaska's Legislators -- particularly those who are members of President Obama's party -- do not express support for the 2011 Beaufort Sea exploration program, why should the Administration be enthusiastic about it?

If the administration receives little public and legislative support during the comment period ending this week, they may have grounds for not approving the program.  With Federal efforts underway to restrict access to ANWR, NPR-A, the Chuckchi and Beaufort Seas, Alaska's ability to survive as an independent state are put at peril.  New oil throughput from one or more of those sources is critical to sustaining Trans Alaska Pipeline System operations.  The TAPS pipeline is Alaska's lifeline -- the key to nearly 90% of our operating revenue and a third of our economy.  More gas than the current proven reserves of 35 Tcf are also required for long term financing and viability of a gas pipeline.  The future of every adult and child in Alaska is directly impacted by this Christmas issue.  The security of America and her economic recovery are also impacted.

So you see, much of Alaska's future rests on a BOEMRE decision this week and that decision, in part, is based on the enthusiasm Alaska's legislators, Alaskans and Americans everywhere reflect in letters to BOEMRE.  

In today's (December 20, 2010) column, we tell how to contact BOEM.  Please write a letter today and copy us.  We'd like to include your comment in a list of those who comment!
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