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Alaska Supreme Court Confirms Murkowski Victory


ANCHORAGE, AK – The Alaska Supreme Court today upheld the decision of Superior Court Judge William
Carey, rejecting the election lawsuit of candidate Joe Miller on every count. The ruling confirms that “voter
intent” is paramount in the write-in ballot process, and confirming the Alaska Division of Elections
determination that Senator Lisa Murkowski won the election by more than 10,000 votes. In its conclusion, the
Supreme Court said “There are no remaining issues raised by Miller that prevent this election from being

With the state issues now settled, the case returns to Federal Judge Ralph Beistline who indicated last week that
with a decision by the state, the election should be certified even if Miller pursues continuing litigation in the
federal courts. Beistline stayed certification of the election pending resolution of Miller’s claims in state court.
The timeline laid out by Judge Beistline gives Miller 48 hours to submit any remaining federal claims, which
means certification of the election can take place in time for Senator Murkowski to be seated in the next
Congress. Beistline recognizes that Alaska should have its elected Senator confirmed before Jan. 5, the date
when newly elected members of Congress are sworn in.

“We anticipated today’s decision by the Supreme Court, but are elated nonetheless,” said Murkowski campaign
manager Kevin Sweeney. “We expect that Judge Beistline will lift his stay of certification next week and the
state can move forward in certifying the election for Senator Murkowski. We also anticipate that Joe will
continue to pursue his baseless claims in federal court until his money runs out. In the meantime, Senator
Murkowski remains on the job in Washington DC, putting Alaskans above party as promised, and as indicated
by her most recent votes this past week.”
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