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Alaska Law Enforcement Receives Top Award for Joshua Wade Prosecution


Alaska Litigation Team
Award-winning Alaska Litigation Team and Sen. Begich 
(Photo courtesy of the office of Sen. Mark Begich)

Anchorage, Alaska - United States Attorney Karen L. Loeffler announced today that the law
enforcement team responsible for the federal conviction of Joshua Alan Wade has been selected to
receive the prestigious Department of Justice Director's Award. This award recognizes the following
eleven litigation team members for their superior performance in bringing convicted murderer Joshua
Wade to justice:

· Assistant United States Attorney Steven E. Skrocki

· Assistant United States Attorney Stephen Cooper

· U.S. Attorney's Office Victim Witness Coordinator Traci D. Ross

· U.S. Attorney's Office Paralegal Danielle M. Newberry

· FBI Special Agent Jolene A. Goeden

· FBI Special Agent Michael A. Thoreson

· FBI Special Agent Susan L. Cusack

· FBI Victim Witness Coordinator Anne E. Darr

· Anchorage Police Department Detective Pamela L. Perrenoud

· Anchorage Police Department Detective Timothy E. Landeis

· DOJ Capital Case Unit Trial Attorney Richard E. Burns

Only a select number of individuals receive this award nation-wide each year. All eleven team
members will travel to Washington, D.C. accompanied by the U.S. Attorney and the FBI Special Agent in
Charge to receive their awards and will be formally recognized at a ceremony at the Department of
Justice in Washington, D.C. on December 8, 2010.

Ms. Loeffler stated, "We are very proud of the teamwork, dedication and inexhaustible effort of
each of these individuals in a multi-year effort to bring justice to two female victims and protect the
citizens of Alaska by bringing an end to a decade long odyssey of violence and murder with the
convictions and life sentences imposed on Joshua Wade."

FBI Special Agent in Charge Kevin Fryslie stated, "This case exemplifies the outstanding results
when federal, state, and local agencies work together. The cooperation among the prosecution and
investigative teams was exemplary and they are truly deserving of this prestigious award."
"The manner in which Joshua Wade preyed upon the citizens of Anchorage made this case one of
the most devastating to our community in recent memory," said APD Police Chief Mark Mew. "We are
so thankful for the work of this team, and that APD had a part in bringing Wade to justice. This
recognition is richly deserved."

The joint efforts of the United States Attorney's office, the FBI, the Anchorage Police Department
and the Department of Justice led to the successful investigation and conviction of Joshua Wade for the
brutal murders of Anchorage psychiatric nurse Mindy Schloss and Alaska Native Della Brown. As part
of his federal conviction, Wade admitted that although he had been acquitted of the murder charge in state
court, he in fact murdered Ms. Brown in 2000. Wade further admitted that In July 2007 he, murdered Ms.
Schloss. Early on in the investigation, the Anchorage Police Department asked for the FBI's help in
pursuing leads in Ms. Schloss murder. After Wade's arrest a decision was made to pursue federal
charges. The tireless dedication of the investigative team lead them to reopen the Della Brown murder at
the same time that they were pursing all leads in the Mindy Schloss case. Their immense effort ultimately
lead to Wade pleading simultaneously to first degree murder in Superior Court for the State of Alaska for
the murder of Ms. Brown as well as federal charges for carjacking and murder of Ms. Schloss. He was
sentenced to two life sentences pursuant to plea agreements entered in both jurisdictions.

The individuals to receive awards in December 8, demonstrated exemplary multi-jurisdictional
teamwork leading to a result that brought closure to grieving communities and protection to Alaska

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