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Rep. Young’s Statement on NOAA’s Beluga Whale Proposal


Dec. 1, 2009

Washington, D.C. – Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement today following the announcement on NOAA’s proposal that identifies more than a third of Cook Inlet in Alaska as critical habitat for the Cook Inlet beluga whales:

“These federal agencies claim these decisions are made on the best science available, but it is their own commissioned science,” said Rep. Young.  “If the state commissioned its own scientists, I bet their studies would show something different.  This is just another attempt to halt resource production and development in Alaska, and a step towards making the whole state a national park for the enjoyment of Outsiders.  This is just one more instance in a pattern of misuse of the Endangered Species Act for purposes wholly unrelated to the health and welfare of the animals.

“Alaska is under attack by these extreme environmental groups that are looking to increase their fundraising goals with their deceptive portrayals of our vast and flourishing wildlife.  The Port of Anchorage’s request for an exemption has yet to be addressed; the Port is an economic stronghold for our state and if their exemption is not granted, the listing of the beluga will surely hurt their activity.  I hope NOAA realizes the far-reaches this decision would have and rethinks their decision as they continue to aid in the hindrance of development in Alaska.”
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