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Rep. Young’s Statement On President Obama’s Anticipate Afghanistan Announcement


Dec. 1, 2009

Washington, D.C. – Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement today in anticipation of the expected announcement by President Obama this evening that he is deploying U.S. troops to Afghanistan over the next six months:

“By sending more troops over to Afghanistan without changing the rules of combat, we are just spinning our wheels,” said Rep. Young.  “Our troops are working under constant threat of prosecution and cannot do their jobs effectively under such conditions.  We aren’t solving the problem by just sending more troops.  Setting arbitrary deadlines and padding the fields with more troops is not the answer to being successful in Afghanistan.  Alaskan-based troops and their families have made enormous sacrifices to protect their country.  We need to give our troops the tools they require, the support they need, the respect they deserve, and the freedom to do their jobs.”      

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