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Alaskan Tourism-Based Businesses Form New Advocacy Group


Dec. 11, 2009

Owners of several Alaskan tourism-based businesses dependent on a thriving cruise industry have formed a new advocacy group called Alaska Alliance for Cruise Travel (AlaskaACT) to educate Alaskan citizens and policy leaders of the important economic impact that cruise travel brings to Alaska.

The need for AlaskaACT grew from the dramatic impact to tourism related businesses across the state from the cruise industry’s decision to move a portion of their fleet, along with their marketing dollars, out of the state. Membership in the group is limited to those Alaskan tourism-based businesses that depend on a healthy cruise industry.

“We formed this organization to educate Alaskans of the economic value cruise travel brings to Alaska and to be an advocate for tourism” said John Litten, Vice President of Government Relations for AlaskaACT.

“Alaska has allowed itself to become a non-competitive destination in a global marketplace where regional costs and incentives determine the deployment of ships. Until Alaska addresses this economic reality, the cruise engine supporting Alaska tourism will throttle back. In response to the deployment of ships scheduled out of Alaska for 2010, and the announcement of two more cruise ships leaving in 2011, AlaskaACT and Alaskans need to join together to fight for our businesses, jobs and the economic growth of our state.”

Alaska ACT is focused on the accomplishment of eight critical goals:
• Create a positive business environment in Alaska for the cruise and tourism industries
• Encourage the Alaska Legislature and Administration to work toward a resolution of the current legal issues between the State and the cruise industry
• Oppose inequitable taxation directed at the cruise industry
• Support equitable environmental laws for the cruise industry
• Commit its resources to advancing the restoration and stability of the cruise industry in the best interest of Alaska, and Alaskans.
• Encourage accurate and honest reporting by the media
• Educate Alaskans about the economic benefits and positive environmental effects of the cruise industry on Alaska
• Support the cruise industry in their efforts to protect and preserve the environment through reasonable and attainable legislation


About Alaska Alliance for Cruise Travel:
AlaskaACT is an Alaska non-profit organization with members who benefit from the cruise travel industry. For a list of the board of directors and position papers, please visit our website of: www.alaskaact.com.
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