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A Statement From Rep. Young’s On The Appointment of Larry Persily


Washington, D.C. – Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement on the appointment of Larry Persily as Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Project:

“I appreciate the President’s commitment to the natural gas pipeline,” said Rep. Young.  “I look forward to seeing Larry continue the good work done by Drue Pearce, a great supporter of the natural gas pipeline and a wonderful advocate for Alaskan resources.  Alaska has an abundance of natural resources to share with the country; oil and gas development and construction of the pipeline are vital for the nation's energy supply and security.  Additionally, in these difficult economic times, a project that would ensure as many jobs as the pipeline cannot be ignored.  With the support from both the federal government and the state, the time is now to put Alaskans to work developing Alaskan natural resources!” 

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