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August 2016

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Natural Resource Development Litigation

Alaska will never lack resources or opinions on how to develop them. It is a constant balancing act to allow industry to develop in a way that promotes a healthy Alaska economy while mitigating negative impacts on the environment or even other industry.

The Growth of Renewable Energy in Alaska

Wind. Water. Geothermal. Air. Seawater. The sources of energy for Alaska communities seem to be growing each year. In some ways, Alaska has become a testing ground for new renewable energy projects.

Interior Natural Gas Conversion an Empty Pipe Dream for Now

Residents in parts of Fairbanks and North Pole will have to wait a bit longer to get hooked up to natural gas. In 2015, more than seventy-three miles of pipe were installed in North Pole, the first of three anticipated phases of construction to expand natural gas infrastructure in a wide swath around Fairbanks, north to Fox and south to Salcha.

Quick Tips for Small Business Cash Flow Management

For a small business owner, wearing the CFO “hat” may not be that exciting, but it’s often a necessity. While your core skillset and business focus might not include managing cash flow, it’s a chore that somebody has to accept for your business to operate successfully.

BLM Report on ANCSA Land Contamination

In some circles, Alaska’s state flower isn’t the forget-me-not, it’s a different beast entirely: a tundra tulip. A quick glance through a wildflower book won’t find it, though. Tundra tulips are fifty-five-gallon drums used in past decades to transport fuel to remote mining camps or military installations and left behind to flower into rust when the sites were abandoned.

Navigating Changes to the Salary Threshold for “Exempt” Employees

For more than sixty years, the US Department of Labor has held that certain executive, administrative, and professional employees, and other highly compensated individuals performing non-manual labor are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime pay protections under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

49th State Brewing Company

There are few buildings in Anchorage or Alaska that can boast nearly one hundred years of history. One of those, built in 1918, is located at 717 West Third Avenue in downtown Anchorage and currently occupied by 49th State Brewing Company, a home-grown Alaska business owned by Jason Motyka and David McCarthy.

Energy and Power: Good news in the face of adversity

Alaska is uniquely and acutely aware of the necessity of understanding and balancing the business needs and environmental values implicit in the energy and environmental sectors of the economy.
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