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The Anchorage Fire Department has turned a fire engine from red to pink for cancer awareness


The Anchorage Fire Department is pleased to announce its latest efforts to provide community risk reduction to the citizens of Anchorage and to fulfill its mission of “Serving the public before, during and after the emergency incident.”

On Friday, August 15th, the Anchorage Fire Department will unveil “Miss Linda” - a fire engine that has been transformed from its traditional red to pink. Miss Linda has undergone the color change and has been adorned with numerous colored ribbons representing all cancers. This event will be held at the Anchorage Fire Training Campus, 1140 Airport Heights Road at noon. The Media and the public are welcome and encouraged to attend the unveiling.

Miss Linda will not only fight fires, but will join in the fight against cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Alaska. The diagnosis of cancer, however, does not have to be a death sentence. Early detection and early treatment can save someone’s life.

The newly transformed pink fire engine will hit the streets of Anchorage with its message of hope, love, strength, and courage, and emphasize that cancer awareness matters. Through awareness, all who see it will be encouraged and inspired to schedule annual checkups and screenings. Checkups and screenings will help medical professionals detect cancer early when it is still treatable. If just one person sees the fire truck, schedules a checkup and finds cancer early when it’s treatable, a life has been saved!

The transformation of the fire truck was completed at no cost to the Municipality of Anchorage thanks to tremendous community support and partnerships between the Anchorage Fire Department and local businesses and organizations. Assemblywoman Elvi Gray-Jackson, GCI, Rotary International, Chilkoot Charlie’s, Denali Adjusters, GraphicWorks, and many individual volunteers and contributors helped make the project a reality.

The fire engine will be housed at Fire Station 15 in Southport and will serve as a reserve fire engine to front-line fire apparatus. It will make its rounds throughout the Anchorage Bowl and Eagle River during the year and will appear at special events when available. Requests for a fire engine appearance can be made through the
Anchorage Fire Department “Public Affairs” request box at afdeventrequest@muni.org.

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