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Our Friday Commentary On 3 Hot, Federal Comment Periods


Northern Gas Pipelines

Today we 1) show how readers can quickly comment on 3 important federal comment periods; and 2) we explain how Federal actions can be both destructive and intentional.


You know of our commitment to provide daily updates to our northern energy archives.  Every day, you will likely get something or a combination of inputs found nowhere else.


So, just because we are also committed to not bothering readers with daily emails, know that we are thinking of you daily and collecting archival, searchable information we know you'll find useful now and later.  Test us: search for something in the upper right Google bar; you may be surprised at the volume of results. 


If you don't have time right now to read today's commentary (and yesterday's), open the webpage at home this weekend and scroll down for the past week's entries.


On Thursday, for example, we observed that, "There is a palpable tension among various special interests: affected neighbors, consumers-at-large, pipeline planners, local and state politicians and the ticking clock which calculates the rising cost of delay just as surely as it tells the time."


Have a restful weekend....


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