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Open enrollment for health insurance begins in November


SITKA, September 02, 2014 – Now is the time to begin planning to sign up for affordable health insurance for 2015. Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace begins November 15th.  Those that have already signed up for insurance through the Marketplace will have through December 15th to make changes to their coverage. There may be additional plans available and different prices, so it is recommended that even those satisfied with their current plan browse through the options. Changes to current plans will go into effect January 1, 2015.

Additionally, those already insured through the Marketplace are being required to change their password on the Healthcare.gov website for security reasons. Insured individuals may also have been sent a letter requesting more information. It is important to respond right away, as insurance coverage may be cancelled if all required documents are not received by the due date on the letter.

For those that have not yet signed up for health insurance, the open enrollment period is November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015. It is recommended that those that wish to enroll set up an account now in preparation for the influx of individuals that are likely to enroll during that period. Familiarizing yourself with the available plans is also encouraged. To set up an account, you may visit www.healthcare.gov, call the Marketplace toll-free number, 1-800-318-2596, United Way at 211, or SEARHC at 966-8883.

Anyone that did not have health insurance in place during the 2014 calendar year will be required to pay a tax penalty on 2014 tax filings. That penalty may be as low as $95 per adult, half that for children, or 1% of your income, whichever is higher. Those that do not have health insurance in 2015 will face penalties when filing taxes in 2016.

“If you need assistance setting up an account on the Health Insurance Marketplace website before open enrollment, we are here to assist anyone in Southeast Alaska” says Andrea Thomas, Outreach & Enrollment Manager for SEARHC. “Health Insurance can be very confusing and we are trained to help.” 

For more information, please call Andrea Thomas at (907) 966-8883 or email her at andreat@searhc.org.


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