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Municipality of Anchorage Announces New Dynamic Map-based Coordination for Safer, Smarter Streets


The Municipality is pleased to announce the implementation of Envista - a new web-based software system for coordination of road events. With Envista Street Events solution, we can coordinate and communicate responses to all types of municipal special events including parades, road races, and festivals. Envista automatically maps event locations as well as related impacts such as detours, parking restrictions, variable message signs, traffic officers and more.

The need to coordinate construction road closures with all associated APD closures, public events and utility projects requires one system to identify all potential construction or road closure conflicts as well as help provide a single place to see what is happening around Anchorage in regards to road closures and large events that could cause traffic delays.

The most exciting module for the public is “Citizen’s View.” This Google Maps-based view will show which roads are impacted by events such as marathons, parades, or construction closures. This gives the traveling public the opportunity to plan alternate routes or just see what’s happening around town this weekend! Here is the link for Citizen’s View:


As the program becomes fully integrated, the Municipality of Anchorage will be providing capital project schedules and planned work to deliver real-time insights into construction and maintenance details, avoiding conflicts and minimizing disruption to the public. Department of Public Works Director Ron Thompson commented, “The Envista Utility Coordination platform will further assist us in maintaining the integrity of our infrastructure in the Municipality of Anchorage and provide better coordination among our ongoing right-of-way projects and busy event schedule. Furthermore, Envista’s web-based Citizen View will allow us to post this information and make it visible to citizens across the region in order to provide additional transparency and more effective traffic planning.”

The negotiated cost is $57,000 with $3,000 implementation and $12,500 annual maintenance fees. We feel we will save more than that in the first year of operating, allowing us to focus on other tasks critical to our mission.

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