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Join Alaska Resource Education for the 2014 Pirate Ball on September 19



Captain Sponsorship ($2,000) 
Booty an' tickets fer sixteen o' ye shipmates!
First Mate Sponsorship ($1,500) 
Ye be takin' ten o' ye shipmates wit' ye!  
Deckhand Sponsorship ($1,000) 
Tickets an' pirate booty fer six o' ye shipmates t' walk th' plank!
Tattoo Parlor Sponsor ($500) 
Yaar Mateys! Fancy a little more color wit' yer costume?
Photobooth Sponsor ($500) 
Dead men tell no tales. Unless thar be pictures t' prove it!
Pirate Mugs Sponsor ($500) 
Fer a little class wit' yer grog drinkin' an' song singin'!

Grub Sponsor ($500) 
Fill 'ye shipmates bellies before ye be makin' them walk the plank! 

or call 276-5487 
or click here for a sponsorship form

Sponsors already be pilin' on board!


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