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Emergency Order Changes Moose Bag Limit for the Community Hunt in Unit 13B


(Glennallen) – The bag limit for moose in the Copper Basin Community Subsistence Harvest Hunt (CM300) in Game Management Unit 13B is scheduled to change by emergency order from one bull moose to one bull moose with spike-fork antlers, or 50-inch antlers, or antlers with four or more brow tines on at least one side. This change will take effect at 12:01 a.m., Tuesday, August 26, 2014. This new bag limit for the community hunt in Unit 13B matches the bag limit for Unit 13A and 13E that were announced last week.

Prior to the hunt, a quota of 26 bulls that do not meet general season antler restrictions was established for the community hunt in Unit 13B. Harvest reports indicate that this quota has been met.

Copper Basin community moose hunters may still hunt in Units 13A, 13B, and 13E through the end of the regularly scheduled season (September 20), however all bulls taken must meet general hunt antler restrictions (spike-fork antlers, or 50-inch antlers, or antlers with four or more brow tines on one side). Community moose hunters are required to follow all established salvage requirements for community harvest hunts through the end of the season.

Hunters with CM300 permits in Units 11, 13C, and 13D can still take moose that do not conform to general season antler restrictions, however hunters must have a locking tag in possession when shooting a moose that does not conform to the restrictions and the locking tag must be affixed to the antlers immediately after the moose is taken.

Community hunters are encouraged to check the Community Subsistence Harvest hunt hotline (822-6789) for information about the status of quotas in other portions of the community hunt area and on any additional emergency orders issued.

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