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ArXotica's crowdlending through KivaZip


My sisters and I, as ArXotica, have launched a new crowd-lending campaign, which is different from other crowdsourcing asks - this is a platform that enables us to obtain a no-interest loan, and we actually pay you back in 24-36 months.
In 2006, the Sparck Triplets answered the call from the Alaska Federation of Natives Alaska MarketplaceTM to think entrepreneurially in rural areas of the State; we incorporated as ArXotica, aspiring to utilize our wild harvest gatherings in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta in premium skincare products. We've achieved about 95% of our business plan goals which is pretty impressive for an untested, no-strings attached seed-money program. 
One hundred percent of our winnings, as well as 110% of our sweat equity over the years went toward our R&D, valuating the botanical strength of our signature ingredients (crowberry, fireweed blossoms and arctic sage,) tackling our challenging supply chain and value-added processing responsible for producing high-ORAC (anti-aging) extracts that would go into our products.
On our own, we obtained a BIA guaranteed loan to manufacture our Anti-Aging Skin Serum from our premium line, Quyung-lii (kai-oong-lee, in Cup'ik, means the potent one.) By adding naturally ionized glacier water from Eklutna, and refined salmon oil for the skin-healthy Omega, we debuted a stand-out product containing the best of Alaska in a bottle.
You may remember from our social media updates or various earned press, that we were the first American company to achieve a full limit, no-interest loan from Kiva Zip's international community of socially conscious lenders. This community lives to loan, from as little as $5 to as much as $500 at a time, with the high expectation to be paid back within a year, or three. We paid off our first loan in early June, and earned the right to approach the micro-lending community again to raise funds at the $10,000 level. Our new campaign involves a business-saving budget that will allow us to harvest in this 2014 berry-picking season, while we work to secure a partnership to bring us to the next level.
Kiva-Zip requires us to earn loans from at least 15 private donors before our campaign is made public, and we couldn't think of a better community than you. (A happy observation, we are already funded at 5% before we've even been published!)
Please consider helping us out, other than validating our identity as an Alaska Native women owned business (which is salve for our growing pains) know that you are going to be PAID back. Even $5 would go a long way to our stability, and passing this on to your friends would also be greatly appreciated.
Quyana cakneq, thank you all so much.
Michelle, Amy & Cika Sparck
Bethel, Alaska


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