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The Alaska Distillery Cookbook


The Alaska Distillery Cookbook is finally available!

You've not really been to Alaska until you've tasted Alaska. Come along and complete your Alaskan adventure through the dozens of uniquely Alaskan and flavorful recipes in The Alaska Distillery Cookbook. Inside you will find recipes for everything from shrimp to salad to desserts, all painstakingly crafted to delight and entice all of your senses. The common thread with this eclectic collection is the use of the handcrafted and highly renowned vodka products of The Alaska Distillery. Blueberry, Fireweed and Honey Vodkas are infused in these dishes in ways that compliment without overwhelming. Feeling bold and brave? Dive into dishes made with Smoked Salmon Vodka or even brownies that feature Hemp Seed Vodka. Maybe you are searching for the perfect cocktail to wind down after your 20-hours-of-daylight day? Or perhaps you're looking for a tasty way to warm your insides while glimpsing the Northern Lights? The Alaska Distillery Cookbook presents to you truly inventive and tasty cocktail recipes that inspire your taste buds and warm your soul. More than anything, it is our sincere hope that you will take these recipes to heart. Try them, add your own twists and most importantly, share them with close friends and family. Good food, good friends and good spirits -that's living life the Alaska way. - Your Friends at Alaska Distillery

Available from Amazon.com as a paperback or an ebook. click here to order.

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