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Special Syria Edition - Murkowski Morning Meeting, 9/3/2013


Note to readers: The Murkowski Morning Meeting does not typically publish when the U.S. Senate is not officially in session. However, with many Alaskans watching the ongoing debate regarding the Syrian government’s usage of internationally-outlawed chemical weapons to kill hundreds of civilians, the MMM team wants to share with you today’s events from Capitol Hill.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

U.S. Senate Events 

Syria Debate Begins on Capitol Hill

Alaskan Impact: Alaskans are hotly debating how or if America should respond to the Syrian government’s usage of internationally-outlawed chemical weapons on its own citizens.  Senator Murkowski is extremely concerned about the attacks that killed over 1,400 Syrians – and the United States sending a signal to other dangerous nations like Iran and North Korea that breaking global laws has no consequences. When President Obama announced he will seek Congressional authorization for a strike, Murkowski was listening for a clear path forward, some real conviction to where he is going, but heard continued mixed signals from the administration.

10:30am AKDT

Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Topic: “American Use of Force in Syria”

Testimony from:

  • Secretary of State John Kerry
  • Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey

WATCH LIVE: Alaskans interested in watching can tune into C-SPAN available on many cable systems in the state, or watch live-streams here or here.


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