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Senator McGuire To Speak at World Sky Race Committee Meeting


International race would show how Airships could benefit Alaskans

ANCHORAGE-Senator Lesil McGuire (R-Anchorage) plans to speak at the World Sky Race Alaska Organizing Committee this evening at 6pm at the Captain Cook Hotel.  The inaugural World Sky Race will feature airships racing at least 30,000 miles.  The airships will pass through Alaska on their way from the Greenwich Prime Meridian to the gardens of the palace of Versailles.  Their route will take them to Africa, the Middle East, across the Indian Ocean to Asia, by the Pacific and Western shores of North America, down to Central America and back up to the North Atlantic.

“Aside from the obvious tourism money that would come to Alaska, if we could bring this race here, we could show the benefits airships would bring our state in terms of slashing costs for rural Alaskans and expediting the search and development of our vast natural resources,” said Senator McGuire.

Responsible for determining Alaska's involvement in the global event, the local committee handles details ranging from community welcome and event planning to integration into the global educational system.  Comprised from local volunteers, the group will coordinate the efforts of local businesses and government agencies to make the event a success when it fills the skies of Alaska.

“Air cargo ships in Alaska are a game changer,” said Senator McGuire.  “For our rural communities, they would provide simple, cheap transportation of goods, fuel deliveries during the winter, and the transportation of heavy construction equipment to wherever they are needed.  This would cut down the cost of living significantly because it creates the ability to move anything to almost anywhere during anytime of the year.”

Senator McGuire also plans on looking at ways airships can help further resource development statewide.

“We have talked about our stranded resources for years.  Airships are a way to unstrand them while reducing or eliminating the need for roads through pristine areas of on federal land,” said Senator McGuire.  “For my part in this, I plan on looking at ways to create a public-private partnership to bring airships to Alaska, perhaps looking at using the SETS Fund that the Legislature created a couple of years ago which provides loans and loan guarantees for energy and transmission projects throughout the state.  I look forward to discussing this further with my colleagues during next Session.”

WHO: Senator Lesil McGuire, Introductory Speaker

WHAT: World Sky Race Alaska Organizing Committee

WHERE:  Captain Cook Hotel, Hotel Captain Cook, Tower 1, top floor Clubroom

WHEN:  6pm, Friday, August 9th, 2013


For more information, please call Jesse Logan in Senator McGuire’s office at 907-269-0250.

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