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Rampart Energy Ltd - Potential Recovery Rates


Rampart Energy Ltd (ASX: RTD) and its partner Royale Energy Inc have received final shale oil resource estimates from internationally renowned Netherland, Sewell and Associates Inc (‘NSAI’), highlighting the massive potential of their acreage in the North Slope of Alaska and it was released to the market on 22nd August. Further discussion on the potential recovery rates seen in the United States is provided below in the context of better known plays.



  • Potential Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (‘EUR’) per acre of up to 8473 barrels per acre (‘bbl/ac’);
  • Mean estimate of 3995 bbl/ac corresponds to well recoveries of nearly 640,000 barrels per 160 acre spacing unit;
  • Bakken equivalent to 550,000 barrels per well;
  • Eagleford equivalent to 280,000 barrels per well;
  • Potentially significant recovery of hydrocarbons compared to lower 48 plays.


Managing Director and CEO of Rampart Energy, Mr Torey Marshall commented, “There are a wide range of potential recovery rates and well spacings that may reveal themselves in time to be the most appropriate for the North Slope. The Company is pleased that its unconventional shale oil potential is equal to the major plays in the lower 48 states and we hope that time will produce physical results that match that potential.”


For a full copy of the release please visit: http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20130904/pdf/42j4vxd7vxr2k2.pdf

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