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Pebble Bulletin - Taxpayers out $2.4 Million for EPA Bristol Bay Assessment


Senate hearing reveals excessive EPA spending

In a U.S. Senate hearing last week in Washington, D.C., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disclosed it has spent $2.4 million on “external costs” associated with the draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. The amount in taxpayer dollars does not include internal agency costs.

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A diverse economy is key to Southwest Alaska survival

The fishery in Bristol Bay is an important resource, which is why Pebble has made a core commitment to co-exist with the fishery. However, if the commercial fishing industry is the foundation of a vibrant economy for “a place that’s always been,” why have two villages located in the Bristol Bay region recently had their schools close? Why are village populations in severe decline? Why are 80 percent of commercial fishing licenses held by people outside of Alaska? Why does the seafood processing industry have a nonresident hire rate of more than 70 percent?

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