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New SDLG wheel loaders bring strength, stability and simplicity to meet construction and material handling needs


The LG959 wheel loader, with an operating weight of 38,250 lbs.

PHOTO: Courtesy of SDLG North America

SDLG North America introduces two wheel loader models offering simple operation, reliable performance and easy maintenance for secondary and supporting construction and material handling applications.

SDLG North America has introduced the LG938L and LG959 wheel loaders, with 2.4 and 4.0 yd3 (1.8 and 3.1 m3) bucket capacity respectively, providing value and reliability for secondary and supporting applications. 

The LG938L and LG959 are the first models in the SDLG construction equipment product offering to be made available in North America. The easy-to-operate wheel loaders are particularly well-suited to material production facilities, site preparation and maintenance yards demanding cost-effective, reliable performance from mid-sized wheel loaders in support of their primary operations.

Construction Machinery Industrial, LLC, is proud to be part of the introduction of SDLG North America product offerings, and will offer the LG938L and LG959 to customers via its headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska, located at 5400 Homer Drive, Anchorage, Alaska, telephone 907-563-3822. 


With an operating weight of 23,150 lb (10,500 kg), the LG938L wheel loader offers the strength to fulfill multiple load and carry applications. With a standard bucket capacity of 2.4 yd3 (1.8 m3), the LG938L is rated to load and carry up to 6,000 lb (2,720 kg) of material. The wheel loader has a maximum breakout force of 16,410 lbf (73 kN) with a static tipping load at full turn of 14,860 lb (6,740 kg). When equipped with the optional long boom, the maximum breakout force is 15,290 lbf (68 kN) with a rated full-turn tipping load of 13,500 lb (6,120 kg).

The LG938L is powered by a Tier 4i-certified Deutz TCD6.1L6 turbocharged, water-cooled engine. Cooled gas recirculation technology in the engine includes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with automatic, active regeneration, a technology in which the DPF temporarily holds the particulate matter and then incinerates it, further reducing emissions. The process maximizes uptime, occurring without any loss of performance of the wheel loader or efficiency of the engine. The engine generates 160 gross hp (120 kW) and 142 net hp (106 kW). 

Maintenance on the LG938L is made simple with easy-to-replace dry disc brakes and 17.5-inch bias ply tires. To meet operator preference or machine application, radial tires are available as an option.

The LG938L includes a 12-month, 1,500-hour warranty.


The LG959 wheel loader, with an operating weight of 38,250 lb (17,350 kg), has a standard bucket capacity of 4.0 yd3 (3.1m3) rated to load and carry 10,000 lb (4,535 kg) of material. The LG959 generates a maximum breakout force of 34,170 lbf (152 kN) with a static tipping load at full turn of 22,490 lb (10,200 kg). When equipped with the optional long boom, the wheel loader’s maximum breakout force is 32,820 lbf (146 kN) and rated full-turn tipping load is 20,240 lb (9,180 kg).

The LG959 is equipped with a Deutz D7E LAE3 turbocharged, water-cooled engine meeting Tier 3 emission requirements. The engine generates maximum output of 224 gross hp (167 kW) and 194 net hp (145 kW).

Standard-equipped with 23.5-inch bias ply tires, the LG959 wheel loader features industry-leading wet disc brakes. Radial tires are optional.

The LG959 includes a 12-month, 1,500-hour warranty.


SDLG wheel loaders include standard features that make them versatile to simplify work, includingan ISO-interface hydraulic quick coupler for easy attachment change-outs from inside the cab, and full-powered third function hydraulics. The load-sensing, fully hydraulic articulated steering; industry-leading transmission; low-pressure open center hydraulics; and a reversible engine cooling fan add to the wheel loaders’ reliable performance.

ROPS/FOPS cabs on SDLG wheel loaders feature floor-to-ceiling glass, joystick controls, air conditioning, radio with USB interface, and control panel functions in the most modern of operator environments.

SDLG North America has developed solutions to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. SDLG wheel loaders are being made available through an introduction phase with selected industry-leading dealers before further expansion in North America.

For more information on SDLG wheel loaders, visit www.sdlgna.com.




Model Specifications*




Deutz TCD6.1 L6Tier 4i

Deutz D7E LAE3 Tier 3

Maximum Power

2,200 rpm

1,500 rpm

SAE J1995/ISO 14396 Gross Power

160 hp (120 kW)

224 hp (167 kW)

SAE J1349/ISO 9249 Net Power

142 hp (106 kW)

194 hp (145 kW)

Maximum Breakout Force

16,410 lbf (73 kN)

34,170 lbf (152 kN)

Maximum Dump Height

9'2" (2.8 m)

9'8" (2.95 m)

Static Tipping Load at Full Turn

14,860 lb (6,740 kg)

22,490 lb (10,200 kg)

Bucket Capacity

2.4 yd3 (1.8 m3)

4.0 yd3 (3.1 m3)

Operating Weight

23,150 lb (10,500 kg)

38,250 lb (17,350 kg)


17.5 – 25 16-ply tubeless

23.5 – 25 20-ply tubeless

*Standard Configuration




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