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Lt. Gov. Treadwell Speaks at Christening of F/V “Northern Leader”


July 31, 2013, Seattle, WA – Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell celebrated the christening of the F/V “Northern Leader” in Seattle today.  The 184-foot longliner, the largest fishing vessel built in the United States in 20 years, is jointly owned by and the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation and six fishing families in Kodiak, Alaska. It will be home ported in Kodiak.

“I’m here today to say how proud I am that Alaska’s management of fisheries in the North Pacific, the Bering Sea, and the Arctic makes this kind of investment possible,” Lt. Gov. Treadwell said at the event near Pike’s Place Market in downtown Seattle. “Twenty crew members aboard this boat can provide over 30 million high-quality Alaska cod servings in a year. That’s Alaskans serving the world.”

“Alaska’s leadership in generating a safe, science-based fish policy is a model for sustainable fisheries management worldwide. We understand that we need not only to sustain the resource, but also to sustain the industry so that our fishermen have jobs.

Treadwell joined Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Alaska Leader Fisheries Chair Robin Samuelson, and other Alaska Leader partners at the event.

“In this new age of activity in the Arctic, with more trans-Arctic energy traffic through the Bering Strait and more trans-Pacific traffic through the Aleutians, we have to remember that this ocean is a breadbasket. Food security in the Arctic is food security for the nation,” Treadwell said.

Hattie Albecker of Ugashik Alaska broke champagne over the Northern Leader’s bow to christen the boat.

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