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Lt. Gov. Treadwell Promotes Alaska’s Participation in World Sky Race “Lighter than Air” Airships to Circle the Globe


August 5, 2013, Anchorage, AK – Alaskan airship enthusiasts will gather this week as they gear up to bring an international airship race to Alaska for the first time next year. Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell stands firmly behind their efforts.

The local organizing committee for the World Sky Race will meet at the Hotel Captain Cook on August 9 to start preparing for the arrival of the airship fleet in February 2016.

The airships will pass through Alaska on their way from the Greenwich Prime Meridian to the gardens of the palace of Versailles. Their route will take them to Africa, the Middle East, across the Indian Ocean to Asia, by the Pacific and Western shores of North America, down to Central America and back up to the North Atlantic.

“Alaskans should pay attention to this and get involved,” said Lt. Gov. Treadwell. “Not just because the competition of aerial giants is thrilling, but because of the opportunity airships bring to Alaska. The money that could be saved by airship delivery of goods to our remote and scattered communities off the road system is significant.”

“A number of events will be scheduled to take place during the week of the fleet’s arrival,” said Don Hartsell, commissioner of the World Air League. “The event is intended to bring global attention to Alaska as a tourist destination and a ready-made market for airships.”

To learn more or to get involved, visit www.worldskyrace.com.

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