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Local Company with Awesome Back-To-School App


Fun and Unique Back-To-School Apps

Great Clips Check-in App – Busy moms don’t have time to wait to get their kids’ back-to-school haircuts.  This app shows you wait times at all the Great Clips in your area. You check in from your smart phone and when you get to the salon you have little to no wait.  This app has been such a wild success that so far  10  million folks have checked in either with the app or online from their computers! It’s the first app of its kind for the hair care industry.

Self Control -  Kids who want to actually focus and study- or parents who want to make sure they study- can block access to any number of websites for a set period of time. If you've chosen to close out Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter for two hours while you're studying, there's absolutely zero way to access them until the clock runs out -- even if you restart your computer.

Walk Me Up Alarm Clock – This alarm will not stop blaring until you walk ten steps. And you can’t fake it out by shaking the clock. This is perfect for sleepy heads that snooze through every wakeup call and need to actually get out of bed to rise and shine! OR  Freaky Alarm: This crazy alarm makes you solve puzzles and scan objects around your house/dorm room to shut it off

Marble Jar - The app breaks down goals into small, achievable steps for children ages 2 to 12. Every time your children practice good behavior, they add marbles to a jar.

Facts of LiceBack- to -school is the peak season of head lice (makes this app timely for a news story!)–85 percent of all school districts report at least one lice outbreak every year. The Facts of Lice is the first and only app to provide real-time alerts of lice outbreaks in your local area, along with information on how to prevent, combat, and report outbreaks

Notella: quick-opening note-taking app that can sync with other apps like Evernote, Dropbox, etc, for when your teacher/professor drops a bomb with little/no warning

Babylon: multi-language dictionary

Studious: once you input your schedule, it automatically silences your phone during the time you have class

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