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Congressman Young Votes For the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young voted today in support of H.R. 2009, the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013, which passed the House on a vote of 232-185.  The bill would prohibit the Department of the Treasury from enforcing any provisions of or amendments made by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.

"Today I proudly voted in favor of H.R. 2009, the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act because giving more money and power to the IRS to enforce Obamacare is simply bad policy.  To give a federal agency which targeted a political group and lied about it to the American people is dead wrong, Rep. Young said.  "On March 23, 2010, the Democratic House and Senate passed, and President Obama signed into law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  From that date to today, I have voted 40 times to repeal this train wreck imposed on the American people." 

In May 2013, a 48-page Treasury Inspector General report revealed that the IRS targeted select conservative groups applying for nonprofit status for additional scrutiny during 2012.  This blatantly discriminatory practice led to substantial delays in processing certain applications. 
According to the IRS, they plan on hiring an additional 2,000 IRS agents to enforce and implement the three main components of Obamacare; the individual mandate, employer mandate, and tax credits given to individuals to purchase insurance on the federally mandated exchanges.  According to a GAO report, the 'IRS has responsibilities in the implementation of 47 Obamacare provisions with effective dates through 2018.'  

"Therefore, not only will Obamacare cause a buildup of 2,000 new IRS agents, but will also empower these government bureaucrats with new penalties to impose on Americans who fail to purchase insurance approved by federal government.  
I sincerely hope the Senate majority wakes up and considers this bill.  If they continue to ignore our efforts to repeal this bill, federally mandated healthcare will end up as a train wreck with the American economy as passengers."

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