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AlignMed's Breakthrough Garment Technology Gets a YES from the FDA


Garments Approved by the FDA Registration as Class 1 Medical Device

The Align Garments are Unique in Their Ability to Help Reduce Pain, Recover From Injury, and Achieve the Health Benefits of Good Posture

SANTA ANA, Calif. - July 18, 2013 - AlignMed, the innovative developer of wellness wear that has been scientifically proven to reduce pain and improve posture, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration for its line of breakthrough specialty garments. AlignMed products are in an elite category of garments approved by the FDA Registration process as a Class 1 Medical Device.  The garments are worn on the upper body to support, correct or prevent injuries or to align body structures for functional improvement. 

The comfortable, form-fitting, non-restrictive Align garments feature patented Touch-Tension Neuroband technology that fires muscles and stimulates nerves to align the body's joints with each stride of the leg or movement of the hip, back, shoulder, chest and neck. The garments are also constructed with state-of-the-art materials that provide moisture wicking, anti-microbial and biocompatible properties. This revolutionary concept has been vetted and tested by a panel of medical doctors and research clinics.

"We are thrilled to get the thumbs up," said AlignMed Founder Bill Schultz. "We've worked hard to ensure that every product we put into the market truly does what we say it does, and we're on a mission to help people move better and reduce pain through aligning the body. Our garments are proven to do just that." 

Primary applications include everyday wear for muscle balancing, joint unloading, injury prevention, and as a recovery tool for surgery or trauma to the upper and lower extremities. Computer users can wear the garments to fend off neck pain, back pain and poor posture prompted by excessive sitting and repetitive movements.

Everyone who performs motions at work or at play can benefit from a garment that encourages better posture. Align users include amateur and professional athletes, sports team managers and trainers, clinicians in orthopedics and physical therapy, corporate wellness programs, and anyone with an active lifestyle.

"Studies show that regular activity and motion can have a significant impact on staying healthy as well as avoiding and recovering more quickly from strain or injury. Additionally, as we age, mobility and agility are rapidly reduced by poor posture," Schultz continued. "The garments we've created are based on a scientifically-proven biomechanical approach that mimics the body's kinetic energy to help shape alignment and balance automatically without having to concentrate or think about it. It's a deceptively simple solution. And it works."

More than 20,000 individuals and 1,400 physicians have used and recommended AlignMed garments, representing major universities, renowned medical clinics, physical therapists, strength coaches, computer users, surgeons, law enforcement, soccer moms, Air Force Academy, active retirees and professional athletes.

For information on AlignMed and its Align range of garments, visit www.alignmed.com.

About AlignMed

AlignMed is the creator of Align garments featuring the patented in-garment Touch-Tension Neuroband technology that has been scientifically proven to help people achieve better health and reduce pain through ensuring good posture, one of the most under-appreciated aspects of health and wellness. With over 70 million doctor's office visits a year for neck and back pain alone often due to repetitive motion and improper posture, the market potential is enormous. Ideal users include anyone with poor posture and those with an active lifestyle, amateur and professional athletes, sports team managers and trainers, clinicians in orthopedics and physical therapy, and corporate wellness programs. AlignMed is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. www.alignmed.com

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