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Alaskan Leader Fisheries and Copper River Seafoods Announce Marketing Partnership


Alaskan Leader Fisheries and Copper River Seafoods Announce Marketing Partnership  

Anchorage, Alaska - July 29, 2013

Today Alaskan Leader Fisheries and Copper River Seafoods announced a marketing alliance that creates a new opportunity for retail and foodservice operators. "This partnership is a win for both companies. Copper River Seafoods gains access to the highest-quality hook-and-line caught Alaskan cod supply they need to meet customer demand and our company benefits from their strong customer relationships and domestic marketing expertise," says Nick Delaney, Managing Director, Alaskan Leader Fisheries.

"Both companies were formed by Alaskan fishermen who share many of the same core values including the creation of more full-time jobs in Alaska. Our partnership with Alaskan Leader Fisheries enables Copper River Seafoods to offer our customers the highest-quality whitefish along with our world-famous salmon on a year-round basis in quantities that will support high-volume programs," says Scott Blake, President/Chief Executive Officer of Copper River Seafoods.

Alaskan Leader Fisheries is one of the largest sources of sustainably harvested, frozen-at-sea, hook-and-line caught, wild Alaskan cod. Alaskan Leader Fisheries' eco-friendly fleet of vessels have been globally recognized for their environmentally-friendly fishing methods.

Their newest vessel, the Northern Leader, is the largest most eco-friendly vessel in the North Pacific fishing fleet. By fully utilizing the vessel's targeted catch and incorporating cutting-edge green technology, such as a diesel electric propulsion system that substantially reduces fuel consumption, the Northern Leader is one of the most innovative fishing vessels in the world. "We will be dedicating 100% of the Northern Leader's Alaskan cod to our program with Copper River Seafoods which gives customers total traceability and the benefits of the most modern and innovative quality controlled processing line," says Rob Wurm, Chief Executive Officer, Alaskan Leader Fisheries.

About Copper River Seafoods


In 1996, Scott Blake, a fourth generation commercial fisherman, partnered with three other fishermen to establish Copper River Seafoods. The primary driver behind the formation of the company was to protect the fishermen of Alaska by ensuring the opportunities they had would be available for the next generation of Alaskans. Today Copper River Seafoods, with facilities in Anchorage, Cordova, Dutch Harbor, Kenai, and Togiak, Alaska, is a professional food manufacturing and marketing firm that provides both economic and resource sustainability for Alaskan fishermen and the State of Alaska. Learn more at www.copperriverseafoods.com


About Alaskan Leader Fisheries

Alaskan Leader Seafoods

Alaskan Leader Fisheries is the largest Alaskan-owned longline company with four freezer-longliners. Established in 1990 in Kodiak, Alaska by seven Alaskan fishing families, the overall operation is based on a cooperative model with active participation by the company's owners. Learn more at www.alaskanleaderfisheries.com.

Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) owns 50% of Alaskan Leader Fisheries. Established in 1992 as a participant in the federal Community Development Quota program (CDQ), BBEDC is a leading advocate of increasing the economic and social participation of the small rural communitiesa in the fisheries of the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands. Based in Dillingham, Alaska, BBEDC represents 17 Bristol Bay watershed communities. Learn more at www.bbedc.com.

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