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The Arctic Village Sheep Management Area In Unit 25A Is Closed To Sheep Hunting, Except By Federally Qualified Subsistence Users


If you are planning to hunt sheep in Unit 25A, please be aware that, under Federal subsistence regulations, the entire Arctic Village Sheep Management Area, which lies west and north of Arctic Village in Unit 25A, is closed to sheep hunting from August 10 to April 30, except by Federally qualified subsistence users. Federally qualified subsistence users include residents of Arctic Village, Venetie, Fort Yukon, Kaktovik, and Chalkyitsik. A Federal registration permit is required to participate in this hunt.

Please note that the State of Alaska regulations booklet does not include a description of the Arctic Village Sheep Management Area. Under Federal regulations, this area is described as bounded on the east by the East Fork Chandalar River beginning at the confluence of Red Sheep Creek and proceeding southwesterly downstream past Arctic Village to the confluence with Crow Nest Creek; continuing up Crow Nest Creek, through Portage Lake, to its confluence with the Junjik River; then down the Junjik River past Timber Lake and a larger tributary, to a major, unnamed tributary, northwesterly, for approximately 6 miles where the stream forks into two roughly equal drainages; the boundary follows the easternmost fork, proceeding almost due north to the headwaters and intersects the Continental Divide; the boundary then follows the Continental Divide easterly, through Carter Pass; then easterly and northeasterly approximately 62 miles along the divide to the head waters of the most northerly tributary of Red Sheep Creek; then follows southerly along the divide designating the eastern extreme of the Red Sheep Creek drainage; and then to the confluence of Red Sheep Creek and the East Fork Chandalar River.

A map depicting the Arctic Village Sheep Management Area can be viewed at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s website at: http://arctic.fws.gov/pdf/sheep25a.pdf.

The Federal subsistence regulations for Unit 25, including a map of Unit 25, are available on the web at


For more information on sheep hunting in Unit 25A, please contact Vince Mathews at (907) 455-1823 or email: Vince_Mathews@fws.gov.  Information on the Federal Subsistence Management Program can be found at


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