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Pitney Named Uarctic Finance Vice President


Fairbanks, Alaska—University of Alaska Fairbanks vice chancellor for administrative services Pat Pitney has been appointed to serve as the finance vice president for the University of the Arctic.  Pitney will lead the UArctic finance office, while continuing her work at UAF.

The University of the Arctic is a consortium of colleges, universities and research organizations in the eight Arctic nations that work together to build strong education and research networks to address the needs of the circumpolar North. Work to establish the University of the Arctic began in 1997; UAF is one of the founding members. UArctic, through member institutions, facilitates collaborative research and undergraduate and graduate student exchanges. UAF students are able to choose from among the 140 UArctic member institutions for exchanges, while UAF hosts students from member institutions. UAF faculty members have the opportunity to work with northern colleagues in research networks ranging from permafrost studies to arctic biodiversity.

Pitney has served as a vice chancellor at UAF since 2008 and worked at UA statewide for 17 years prior to that. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from Murray State University and a master’s degree in business administration from UAF.

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